An educated woman is a dangerous woman—in more ways than one. Here’s what you hurt when you go to college.



Feminists have promoted education among women for decades. In terms of societal “benefits,” they claim that educating women improves the economy and reduces poverty.

Studies, however, have proven quite the opposite: educating women hurtsthe economy and increases poverty, among other things. How is this so? Educating women creates a domino effect on society.

  1. Men are innately more intelligent and competent than woman
  2. Women who attend college steal educational opportunities from the more intelligent and competent
  3. Educational opportunities lead to job opportunities. Thus, not only do college women steal education from men, but they also steal employment from men
  4. This, in turn, leads to higher rates of male unemployment
  5. Male unemployment weakens the economy and increases poverty; men can’t provide for their families because women are working to buy frivolities like shoes

Don’t let yourself be fooled. You’re not doing a society—or anyone—a favor by attending a university.



Educating yourself also hurts your family—not only your parents and siblings, but your husband and kids as well.

Women who pursue higher education are a financial burden on their parents. Many parents help pay for their children’s higher education, at least in part. Add that cost to that of a wedding (which is the responsibility of the bride’s parents), and you realize just how expensive it is to have an educated daughter in today’s world. Think of all the money your parents could save if they only had to pay for your wedding.

Educated women also rob from their brothers, if they have them; the money going toward their education could be going to their male siblings, instead. If men were to receive more financial support from their families, they would experience less student debt and would have an easier time making it in the world and supporting a family. An educated woman forces her parents to split the costs between her and her brother.

Now you might be thinking, Okay, but what if I pay for my education all by myself? That would take all the burdens off my family, right?

Wrong! While that may provide relief for your parents and brothers, educating yourself will still put strain on your husband and children.

A good woman knows that her place is in the kitchen, that she is inferior to her husband, that her opinions are irrelevant. Modern-day higher education strives to teach skills like critical thinking, time management, and independence. This is beneficial to men but too intoxicating for women. They develop a false notion that they are just as good as men, that their opinions are valid, and that they can be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. Men can’t take their rightful position as leaders of the home because women try to fight back. We at the WAE have seen this happen again and again, and it takes time and work to correct this mindset.

On top of that, an educated woman is often a working woman, and a working woman can’t be there for her kids (or even worse, she might not have—or even want—kids). Her children are forced to attend day cares—brutal institutions that often turn sweet, innocent angels into bullies and failures. Then they attend a school as opposed to being homeschooled, where their impressionable minds are subjected to dangerous ideas like gender equality.

Families will always be better and more solid when a woman remains uneducated and in the home.



Studies have shown that educated women face significantly more problems than do uneducated housewives.

Women tend to experience higher rates of anxiety when they are in college. Men do, as well, but they are the stronger sex and are therefore more capable of handling it. Women tend to crumple under the pressures of homework, exams, and papers.

Educated women are also more likely to suffer from depression than uneducated women. They must know, deep down inside, that they are not in the right place because they are holding a pencil instead of a spatula.

Educated women also partake in risky behaviors, unlike uneducated women. This includes drinking on Friday nights, dating casually, and putting off marriage and motherhood until later in life.

Finally, and most unfortunately, educated women are much more likely to commit suicide than their uneducated counterparts. This is a tragic waste of perfectly good egg cells that could be used in reproduction. Sperm comes in unlimited quantities, but eggs do not.

Care for yourself. Don’t be a scholar.

The solution

There is only one remedy against all of these problems: keeping women uneducated. By dropping out of college or avoiding it altogether, you will help your society, your family, and yourself.

Get married and be a mom, instead. Homemaking will offer you greater rewards than will scholarship, and in doing so, you will help contribute to a better, brighter world.

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