Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Why should women remain uneducated?

Educating women destroys society, families, and women themselves. It takes time away from a woman’s true calling in life and promotes dangerous ideas, like gender equality. Learn more about this on our Risks page.


When should I drop out of school?

As soon as possible if you are at least 16 years old. But for those who are underage, don’t lose hope; the WAE is actively fighting to change the harmful law that forces students to remain in school until age 16!


When should I get married?

Also as soon as possible. With your parents’ permission, you may legally marry if you are under age 18. Take advantage of this and tie the knot.


I’m already in college/have graduated. Is it too late for me?

It’s NEVER too late for you. While you may face more challenges than a girl who drops out of school at age 16, rest assured; the WAE works mostly with women in your situation, and thus we have many tools to help you as you realize your true calling in life.


My parents are really upset with me for dropping out of school. What should I do?

Every Tuesday and Friday at 1 PM, the WAE’s headquarters host an informational session for brainwashed parents just like yours. Bring them in; by the end of the five-hour session, they will recognize what a wonderful decision you have made.


How can I get involved with the WAE?

There are so many ways you can help! We host a variety of volunteer opportunities, offer a great deal of fun and informative events, and graciously accept donations big and small. (Note: women participating in volunteer opportunities or events must either be accompanied by a man or turn in a permission slip that is signed by the head of their house. All donations made by women must also be approved by the head of their house.)