Tips for securing a husband

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Dating and marriage can be complicated. First you need to find the right man, then you need to get him to like you enough to ask you out. It’s stressful.

Luckily for you, we at the WAE have compiled our best advice for husband-searching. Follow these tips, and you’ll be walking down the aisle in no time.

Finding a suitable husband

A good man isn’t easy to find, but you’ll know you’ve found him if he exhibits all of these characteristics.

  • Domineering. This means he’s not a wuss. He will be the leader in your house and take control of your marriage.
  • Self-confident. Listen for him to say anything along the lines of “I’m such a great person” or “I’m so much better at _____ than you” or “I’m God’s gift to women.” Any of these things are signs that he has self-confidence. He won’t be too timid to make a decision.
  • Understands a woman’s place in the world. Feminists cringe at “women in the kitchen” jokes. You know better, though. “Jokes” like these are signs that a man knows where a woman should be: in the kitchen.

Men like this can be found all over: at restaurants, malls, or libraries (pretend you’re not there to read if you meet a guy there, though). Plenty of great men frequent the WAE’s events. Participate in one, and you may just find the man of your dreams!

Getting him to like you

There’s also the matter of getting a good man to like you, which is just as hard—if not harder—than finding him in the first place. This is because you can’t ask him out. Men hate being asked out; it emasculates them. So what can you do?

  1. Flirt. Touch his arm when you talk to him. Bat your eyelashes. Cock your hips.
  2. Make yourself look pretty. Put on some makeup. Wear dresses and skirts and jewelry. Men care about women’s physical appearance above all else. But be careful not to make yourself look slutty. That will make you look too easy. Good men enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
  3. Act shy. Look at the ground, play with your hair, act nervous. Quality men are drawn to insecure women; they’re easier to domineer.
  4. Admire everything about him. If you don’t admire everything about him, pretend you do. For instance: “You got a B+ on your open-book exam? Wow, that’s amazing! You’re so smart!” Lay the compliments on thick. It will give him an ego boost, and great guys love to have their egos boosted.
  5. Play dumb. Good men love stupid girls. It makes them look smarter and more capable.
  6. Listen more than you talk. Keepers will appreciate girls who can keep their mouths shut.
  7. When he does ask you out, don’t say “yes” at first. Good men know that women are playing hard to get when they say “no,” and that makes them try harder. Your guy won’t be able to leave you alone!
  8. When you do decide it’s time to say “yes,” state your intentions to move through the relationship as quickly as possible. If you’ve found the right man, he’ll agree with you.(Note: many women ask if it’s okay to be so upfront like this; it sounds man-like. But this is an entirely different situation. You should rarely, if ever, be so direct with your man ever again.)

All in all, dating can be hard, but with a little time and work, you can find someone to serve for the rest of your life.


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