Babies beat bachelors’


More and more women these days are opting out of childbearing, or even childrearing. Some claim to dislike children, while others prefer to focus on their education and career. Some are even influenced by the proliferation of videos and articles on the internet that display children as nothing more than nuisances.

To this, we at the WAE say that enough is enough! Enough with the lies about careers and college degrees. Enough with the YouTube videos and BuzzFeed articles portraying precious angels as nasty demons.

We as a country need to return to the days when motherhood was seen as a privilege, when time spent in the classroom was time spent away from a woman’s family, when babymaking was considered one of the few things women were good for. Those were the days when truth reigned and lies were squelched out of society.

And the truth is that babies beat bachelor’s degrees.

Young mothers are more likely to express contentment than their educated counterparts. That’s because they feel they have a greater purpose in life, tend to have a lot of kids (big families equal big happiness!), and experience less loneliness because little kiddos are always running around their heels. They suffer lower rates of stress, heart disease, breast cancer, and a myriad of other health problems. On top of that, an uneducated, young mother can expect to live longer than her educated counterpart—five years longer, to be exact.

But educated women who don’t have babies until a later age (if ever) feel that something is missing from their lives (that “something” is children, though they don’t know it). They get bored easily while paradoxically experiencing great levels of stress (they subconsciously know they’re not in their proper place). They are just plain unhappy.

So motherhood trumps education. But just to dispel any lingering notions that kids are little terrors, we at the WAE promise you that motherhood is the best thing we have ever done with our lives, that we wouldn’t trade our kids for anything, and that all the good parts of motherhood make up for the occasional bad parts.

Checkmate, college. Checkmate, internet.


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